About Cartersville Outreach Transitional Center

Cartersville Outreach ministers to hundreds of men and women each month through our ministry at the Bartow County Jail.  Three times a week Pastors David, Mishie and Trey minister in church services reaching inmates in every dorm in the jail.  In February 2018 Pastor Mishie became Chaplin for the Bartow County Jail and Pastor David became the Deputy Chaplin. In addition to the church services, they counsel many of the men and women in individual counseling sessions. The men and women who eventually go on to prison are invited to sign up to receive a monthly letter and Bible study. We are currently sending out mailings to around 65 men and women who have gone on to prison.

It also has become apparent to us that there is a great need for a transitional center in Bartow County.  Many men and women who are released from jail, who want to get their lives turned around, do not have a safe place to go to upon their release.  Unfortunately, they go back to friends and family who are still in addictions and consequently, they also return to former addictions and harmful lifestyles. 

We want to make a difference in their lives by offering them a safe, Christian based alternative and God has put it on our hearts to start a transitional center that would meet that need. Our first step in this huge undertaking is to raise funds.  It will take a large sum of money to get this up and running, but we serve a big God who is more than able.  He is just looking for those willing to commit to the task.  We are the ones.  We are committed to this project.